Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm a technology and operations executive and consultant.  I've worked with a variety of companies, investors, and boards of directors as both a senior executive and consultant.

My consulting career provided the opportunity to acquire a breadth and depth of technical and functional skills from a broad spectrum of clients and situations.  In my roles as CIO, COO, and EVP of Strategy Management, I've gained the skills, experience and awareness to understand the challenges required to build and operate a business in the face of pressures from investors, boards, and competitors.

Over the years, I have worked successfully with entrepreneurial startup's to Fortune 100 enterprises in retail, manufacturing, technology, consumer products, and financial services industries.

I've partnered with investors, boards of directors, and senior executives to establish and execute strategies that impact all functional areas of organizations. This includes working in mature organizations, hyper growth environments and turnaround situations.

My strengths include:

My breadth and depth of skills across industries and corporate functions can provide unique value in many organizations.  I believe in a core set of management philosophies that have helped me deliver this value and extraordinary results in many different types of situations and company cultures.

I hope that this site provides insight into my background, expertise, and personality.  Please take an opportunity to review my philosophies and other information on the site. Please feel free to contact me with new opportunities.